Bimota db4
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Last Updated: 2/13/12

I've lusted after the motorcycles made by Bimota, the tiny Italian builder of two-wheeled exotica, since I became aware of their existence the late 70s.  Back then in my wild eyed youth I was thrilled with the opportunity just to ride my Yamaha R5, I never imagined that one day I'd call one these beautiful works of motorcycle art my own.  And that I'd have the opportunity to take it out and ride it on some of the best motorcycling roads in north America at my whim.  But life, as they say, is good.  And I'm more than happy to share these pictures with you, along with my observations from the seat.

The fit and finish on the bike is flawless, and the paint work is beautifully done.

This bike is fitted with the factory race kit which consists of a pair of 39mm flat slide Keihin carbs, the FBF pipe (some came fitted with a Corse pipe), a different air box, and a new fuel cell to allow fitment of the new carbs.  Performance is said to be greatly improved over stock.

The tank and seat monocoque is one piece and is held in place quite securely with three 7 x 1.0 screws.  The rear fender and mudguard are both carbon fiber, as is the FBF exhaust canister.


There is no place allotted for the fitment of rear stand spools, so I cut a 7/16" steel rod and inserted it through the hollow rear axel.  Of course it slides out for riding.

The instruments are contained in a carbon fiber faced bracket.  Along with the requisite speedo and tach, there is an oil temperature gauge, low oil pressure light, and low fuel warning light.  The top clamp is machined billet.  Both master cylinders are Brembo.  And the mirrors are actually useful, a first for me on a modern sport-bike (had to throw in the modern disclaimer because the mirrors on my RZ500 work even better).

Brembo calipers and rotors up front work superbly.  Excellent feel and very powerful, the best combination of braking I've ever felt on a motorcycle.

Forged magnesium Marchesini wheels front and rear, beautifully done and the simple design makes them easy to keep clean.

View from the rear with the monocoque removed.  A very clean design with a minimum of clutter.

The bike is an absolute joy to ride, very small, light, and nimble.  Might not be a good fit for a taller rider, but for me at 5'8" it's a perfect fit.  The relaxed cadence of the motor at speed, and the ease of handling belie the quickness at which you are traversing the roadway.  This is a very easy motorcycle on which to keep a fast pace in the twisties.  

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